Fake It Don’t Bake It

Even in the current times it’s important to feel good about yourself, whether it’s styling your hair or popping your favourite lipstick on, it’s keeping that bit of new normal in your life. For me, it’s having a fake tan. I feel so much more confident in short sleeves or wearing a skirt when I have a bit of colour. But here’s the thing, sitting in the sun to get that amount of colour is damaging to our skin and very ageing, especially on the face. While we still need sun exposure for a natural helping of vitamin D, we must be mindful that we do it safely. This is where a fake tan product comes into it’s own. During my years working as a beauty therapist I professionally trained with a couple of very well-known brands, which at the time were only available to professionals.

I was first made aware of Skinny Tan through watching the programme Dragons Den, I have to say I loved the concept of their business and the products they had created. Since doing my blog and having my account on Instagram I was approached by the company to try one of their tans to review, I was an instant fan! I’ve since been asked to try their latest releases to use and review to my followers with complete honesty. I have to say I love them all, so for this blog I have picked out my absolute favourites to share with you.

Before I talk to you about the products I just want to discuss skin prep. If you want the perfect tan, you always need to prep your skin beforehand. Always shave/wax 24hrs before so the products doesn’t settle in open pores. Exfoliation is paramount. Skinny tan have a great exfoliating mitt which you can use in the shower, perfect for even when you’re not doing a tan as it’s good to remove the dead skin making your skin feel softer and smoother.

Skinny Tan also have a pre primer that you can use in conjunction with your mitt, containing crushed walnut shell ensuring the removal of any dry or dead skin cells. Ideally, this would be done the day before but I have used the tans without using this product and they’ve been just as good.

Once skin prep is complete and you’re ready to apply your tan the one thing I definitely advise you need before you apply is the Skinny Tan Dual Tanning Mitt. This makes application so much easier than using disposable gloves and just pops in your washing machine between uses. Lastly, always make sure you moisturise your hands, feet, elbows and knees, the drier areas where the tan will adhere to and go darker if you don’t.

So now we’ve covered the skin preparations here are my favourite tanning products:

My number one is without doubt the Moisture Mousse Express. It’s so easy to apply with a great base colour which enables you to see where you’ve applied. This time activated mousse can be developed from 1-3hrs meaning no need to sleep in your tanning product, goodbye to messy bed sheets! This is a great product for someone who has never used tanning products before as applying it in the day for an hour is the perfect start and allows you to go for longer if you want to achieve a darker shade next time round. This mousse is designed not to compromise your skins moisture delivering an intense shot of hydration to your skin. With natural extracts of Coconut Water & Aloe Vera along with other nourishing ingredients it keeps you skin looking it’s best.

Wonder Serum is another of my favourites, the perfect leave on treatment that gives anti-aging benefits at the same time as giving you a silky smooth colour to the face and body. Another product I’d recommend to first time tanners as it leaves your skin feeling amazing with none of those drying, tight skin feelings. Again, as with all of Skinny Tan products it smells great unlike many other self tanners and you’re guaranteed up to 14 days of a post holiday glow. It has a good base colour too which washes off once your required depth of tan is ready.

Another great tanning product is the Moisture Mousse, now that they do the express version that will be my go to but if you like an intense colour then you’ll love this version. I tend to keep this on overnight to achieve a deep bronzed colour and I love that it doesn’t leave you with that dry feeling afterwards due to the tan containing coconut water, aloe vera, vitamin E and guarana berries. Again, take care with your hands, feet, elbows and knees because if you don’t ensure these areas are moisturised the colour will be a lot more intense than you desire.

To ensure your tan lasts and looks its best for the longest time (mine has lasted up to 2 weeks) moisturise regularly. It’s the dry, dead skin cells that reduce the length of time your tan can last so applying regular moisturiser will help this. The product I love to use when baring more skin is the Skinny Tan After Glow Gloss which adds that red carpet sheen to your skin.

I’m totally confident in recommending these tanning products, they tick all the boxes of what I love about a brand.

No parabens, no sulphates, no alcohol, vegan friendly and most importantly cruelty free!

If you have any questions about these products that I haven’t mentioned please feel free to drop me a message and I will do my utmost to find the answers for you.

Thanks for reading and happy July!

Celine x